2018 - November         

  • Supreme Court awards Damages calculated on the basis of the Venezuelan Cryptocurrency “PETRO”.   

2018 - September         

  • Exchange Agreement No. 1.   
  • Readjustment of the tax unit to Bs. 17,00.   
  • Exemption from Payment of Value Added Tax (VAT) to the Importation of Certain Movable Goods.   
  • Special legal banking reserve that must be maintained by the Universal, Microfinance and Commercial Banks in the process of transformation, in the Central Bank of Venezuela.   
  • Minimum wage increase and value of the the Socialist food stamp (Cestaticket).   

2018 - August         

  • New Calendars for the declaration and payment of tax obligations of special taxpayers.   
  • Lists of goods subject to the exoneration of the Import Tax and Rate foreseen in Decree No. 3,547 dated July 25, 2018.   
  • Temporary Payment System of VAT Advance and ISLR for Special Taxpayers.   
  • Reform of the Law that establishes the Value Added Tax (VAT).   
  • Modification of the parameters for setting the tax rate for Large Financial Transactions.   
  • Decree No. 3,584 Increase in the VAT rate from 12% to 16% for fiscal years 2018 and 2019.   
  • New Rules that govern the Monetary Reconversion Process.   
  • Decree of Exemption from Import Tax and Rate on Certain Personal Furniture, reprinted for faults in the original text.   
  • Exoneration of the ISLR to PDVSA, subsidiaries and joint ventures.   
  • Constituent Decree that repeals the Law of the Exchange Regime and its Illicit.   
  • Decree No. 3,551 whereby the payment of Value Added Tax, Import Tax and Rate on certain goods made by the National Electoral Council is exempt.   

2018 - July         

  • The Monetary Reconversion becomes effective as of August 20, 2018.   
  • New Obligations for Savings Banks, Savings Funds and Savings Associations.   
  • Exequatur - no condemnatory to costs.   
  • Higher Interest of the Child - SUNAVI.   
  • Expiration of Sanctions imposed by Venezuela to specific Panamanian individuals and companies.   

2018 - June         

  • Tax Unit Value Readjusted from BS. 850,00 to BS. 1.200,00.   
  • Minimum Wage increased and value of the the Socialist food stamp (Cestaticket).   
  • Creation of the Ministry of the People's Power for Water Care.   
  • VAT exemption for food products imported by the public sector.   
  • General Data Protection Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council.   
  • Conditions and requirements every travel agency must fulfill.    (spanish)
  • Exemption from VAT and ad-valorem tax deduction.    (spanish)
  • Monetary Reconversion deferred until August 4th.    (spanish)

2018 - May         

  • Protocol of the MPPPST to be followed in case of modifications to working conditions.   
  • United States President prohibiting certain transactions with respect to the venezuelan government.    (spanish)
  • Resolution 0010 issues again the rules governing the Unique Mining Registry (RUM).    (spanish)
  • Temporary control suspension for the import of medicines, food and spare parts of the Automotive Fleet, made by the public sector.    (spanish)
  • Income Tax Payment Exemption from the BANDES Bonds' Enrichments.    (spanish)
  • Monetary Reconversion governing rules.    (spanish)
  • Minimum Wage increased and value of the the Socialist food stamp (Cestaticket).    (spanish)
  • Tax Unit Value Readjusted.    (spanish)
  • Banking Institutions Foreign exchange Positions.    (spanish)


2018 - April         

  • Water Law Regulations.   
  • Venezuelan Oil Industry Special transitory regulations.   
  • Payment and declaration extension for LODAFEF contribution.   
  • Promotion and Protection of Labor and Humanized Childbirth.   
  • Growing list of Panamian Companies sanctioned by Venezuela.   
  • Venezuelan Superintendence of Cryptoactives and Related Activities (SUPCACVEN).   
  • Creation of the Venezuelan Cryptoactive Treasury.   
  • Petro Zones implementations.   
  • Venezuelan sanctions against Panamanians.   
  • Creation of the Petro Zones.   
  • Decree 3.332 Monetary Reconversion.   


2018 - March         

  • Unique Mining Registry (R.U.M) and its electronic certification.  
  • Decree 3.185, through which the payment of Income Tax is exempted.